Learn how to paint portraits more freely

and find the time to play

For 5 weeks everything will be about

Dreaming, Playing and Painting PORTRAITS!

Did you always want to paint more freely?

Here is your chance with an e-course designed to help you letting things go.


June 22nd - July 26th 

You recognize that feeling
 when you know exactly what kind of painting you want,
but suddenly the lines on your canvas are too tight again?  

How did that happen? Well I have been there and it took me some time to figure it out.

I did like my portraits to have some resemblance to the model, but I also wanted the freshness

of some distorted lines and unmixed paint here and there.


Once you have cracked the secret, you can do it on any size 

Maybe other people told you that you need to practice a lot before you can master something.
I feel it is more important that you want to DARE new things.

You will have to put some practice in letting your movements flow naturally, but it is also a matter of having fun!

In this e-course there will be different assignments to help explore your own style. Students are always surprised by their progress in an e-course which is partly due to the fact that they learn from the other artists taking the course, not just from the teacher.

Another great thing is that you can watch something on a video as often as you like, if you didn't get it right away.


June 22nd - July 26th

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday you will get a lesson.
Monday & Wednesday these will be lessons of 1 hour with lots of inspiration.
Every Friday you will get a longer lesson (approx. 3 – 6 hours, or as long as you like).

You will have access to the course for 6 months, but it's my experience that you will learn most if you try to keep up with the group. Which means that most people don't post much in the Facebook group after 3 months. That is why I have scheduled a "catch up week" after the first two weeks of lessons.
There will be some extra options in that week for the fast liners :-)  

During the week I will answer questions from the participants in the private Facebook group. On Sunday evening I will discuss at least 4 paintings to review what we have learned.

My lessons will be in acrylics, but it’s also possible to use oils.


Marieke gives good advice so you dare more and enjoy the process of painting.

Because she explains her process step by step, you can do do this too.
I really wish you to have this quality time for yourself!

Esther Roodhuizen 

Week 1

Warming up, finding your colours and Matisse as inspiration.

Week 2

Likeness or expression - 

what's your aim?

Week 3 

             Catching up week.

Week 4

Playing with abstraction, playing with apps 

and Ophelia.

Week 5

How to create different atmospheres.

The course includes

  • Access to a professionally designed art course in an online classroom
  • Easy to navigate
  • Lots of inspirational content
  • Video demo’s and art exercises designed to let you play and learn
  • Individual feedback during the week
  • Lots of photos to work from and get inspiration how to find your own models
  • Access to a private Facebook community of like-minded people from all over the world
  • Weekly reviews of what we have learned


About the teacher

Already as a child I loved painting, mostly intuitively. I still love unexpected things to happen, but I also like to decide when the time is right for those happy little accidents.

During my studies I learned a lot about colour theory and the effects of colours. As an interior designer I used that knowledge to evoke the right feeling in spaces with different colours. With painting there is so much more to explore, I don't think I will ever get tired of that.

Every day I am happy to be living in Utrecht, a beautiful medieval city with a lot of canals. Utrecht is right in the centre of The Netherlands, in 40 minutes I am at the doorstep of so many great museums. Van Gogh museum,  Rijksmuseum  and The Hermitage are only a few of them and I have learned so much from looking at the masters in there.

I really like to teach and would love to help you improve your painting skills

in a short time span, so you can fully enjoy playing with paint.

Here's your chance for a very special price.

With discount

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  • 5 week e-course   June 22nd - July 26th
  • video demo's and exercises
  • lots of inspiration

for banks outside The Netherlands

Met korting 

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  • 5 week e-course in English Jun 22nd - Jul 26th 
  • video demo's and exercises
  • lots of inspiration

only to Dutch banks

Let's meet in our virtual classroom with all those like-minded people. 
This is the time to nurture yourself

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